Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator

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Manufacturer Invacare
Dimensions 7.5 inches Wide x 3.88 inches Deep x 9.45 inches High
Product Weight 4.8 pounds with 1 battery
FAA Approved Yes
Warranty Three-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Unit, 1 Year Sieve Beds and Battery, 90 Day Warranty on Accessories
Battery Charging Time One battery: 2 hours 18 minutes (approximately) from 0% charge to 100%
Two batteries: 4 hours 36 minutes (approximately) from 0% charge to 100%


Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator Wholesale

The Invacare Platinum Mobile Concentrator is incredibly portable and engineered to withstand the rigors and unpredictability of real life. This unit doesn’t hold you back, but rather enables you to travel and be as active as you wish.

First of all, the Invacare Platinum is a lightweight, compact device. At less than 5 pounds and shorter than 10 inches in all dimensions, you won’t feel chained down when carrying it. It also comes with a stylish carry bag that doubles as a backpack for maximum hands-free mobility. The Platinum also provides you with options on the amounts of pulsed oxygen flow. You can choose from 4 different settings, with a maximum average of 44 mL of oxygen per minute.

Another area where the Invacare Platinum really shines is durability. This small unit is tough and has been designed to endure the trials of daily life. The compressor is encased in foam for shock resistance and the concentrator features reinforced bumpers to protect the entire unit. Also, the casing doors have been constructed without latches, so there are no weak points prone to breakage.

The Platinum doesn’t just stand up to bumps and bruises, but it also is designed to function in the real world environment. For example, the unit is constructed with vents on the bottom and tight seals and is rated to withstand up to 10 minutes of direct rain. It can also operate in an unpressurized environment up to 10,000 feet. Of course, it is also fully FAA-certified for use on commercial flights.

In addition to being small, the Platinum is also unobtrusive when it comes to sound. It operates at an average of 40 decibels, about the same volume as a hushed conversation. This means you can carry it practically anywhere – the library, cinema, overnight flights, or solemn ceremonies.

Another way the Invacare Platinum exhibits its real world design is in its user-friendly features. The operating buttons are large, easy to read, and simple. There are only 4 buttons so you won’t need to be a computer programmer to effectively use this unit.

7 reviews for Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator

  1. Corey Marsden

    Your machine is working very well. Your service was really helpful. Thanks for all the help. Corey

  2. Robert M.

    Excellent, knowledgeable sales person and very helpful. Super fast shipping.

  3. Henry H.M.

    Hans went above and beyond to see that my friends needs were met. Kudos to all of you. Keep up the great work.

  4. Ryan Mertens

    They were very helpful and I received my concentrator in a timely fashion.

  5. Jason Boeman

    I suffer from high altitude pulmonary edema and this oxygen concentrator has saved me a lot, from no more international doctor appointments to no more coughing up a lung. You should equally get an extra set of batteries as this can give you up to 16 hours extra.

  6. Gloria-Anne M.

    I have used Invacare oxygen machine in the past and this one is far and away the best one I have used. I highly recommend this unit for anyone looking for a portable concentrator.

  7. JJ Timothy

    The folks were so helpful in finding the best product available which fit my individual needs. This equipment is quiet, and efficient and so much more portable. Thanks guys!

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