SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Concentrator

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Manufacturer SeQual
Dimensions 12.3 inches Wide x 7.1 inches Long x 19.3 inches High
Product Weight 15 pounds (unit only), 18.4 pounds with battery
FAA Approved Yes
Warranty Three-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Unit, One-Year Warranty on Accessories
Alarms / Alerts Unit malfunction, Low battery, Loss of unit power, Oxygen flow outside normal limits, Low therapeutic oxygen output, No inspiration detected in pulse dose mode


SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Concentrator Wholesale

The SeQual Eclipse 5 is the newest and most improved upon in the Eclipse line by SeQual. It has the same great features, oxygen settings and battery life as the Eclipse 3, only with better overall power and the ability to run on DC power and charge at the same time. If you are looking to get an Eclipse, this would be the one to get. This is a portable oxygen concentrator that provides a wide range of both continuous flow and pulse dose oxygen settings.

The continuous flow doses are from 0.5 to 3 LPM (Liters Per Minute) in increments of 0.5, so this is an ideal portable concentrator for those who need a precise dosage to stay saturated comfortably. The pulse doses range from 16 to 192 mL in 9 settings, so most people who need pulse dose oxygen with have their needs met by the Eclipse 5.

You can also depend on an average purity of around 90%. The Eclipse 5 has SeQual’s AutoSAT technology, which helps you maintain the same amount of oxygen consistently, even as your breath rate changes.

The Eclipse 5 is only 18.4 pounds with the battery inside and is 19.3 inches tall, 12.3 inches wide and 7.1 inches deep. Even though it’s one of the heavier portable oxygen concentrators on the market, which it needs the extra size to house the extra settings and features, it is easy to move about with the help of the mobile cart that comes with it.

The mobile cart is slim and light, with wheels that make it very easy to maneuver around wherever you need to go. The telescoping handle allows you to push it down and out of the way when you are sitting still, and it can be easily folded up for transport.

The AC and DC adapters for the Eclipse 5 are smaller and more powerful than the ones for the Eclipse 3, so they will take up less room as you travel. The concentrator is also now fully functional and able to be charged and ran safely and simultaneously in a vehicle as you travel. This saves a lot of time and battery life for when you need it.

3 reviews for SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Concentrator

  1. Matthew B.

    This device is a very capable POC, and is a great match to my medical and lifestyle needs. I am thrilled with my regained mobility. Pulse and Continuous flows made this the ideal choice for me. I am thrilled.

  2. Donald A.

    Hans was very helpful prior to and after purchasing our concentrator. We are satisfied with the Eclipse 5 thus far but if we have any questions in the future, we would feel comfortable contacting Hans and feel he would be able to answer our questions we might have.

  3. Steven K.

    They were very patient at explaining the differences in the models and which would work best with my wife. Concentrator works even better than expected giving us more time to get around and enjoy life.

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